Ballast Water Prevents Invasive Species on Hawaii

Jason Leonard
Jason Leonard

(KHNL) - Invasive species can easily sneak into our islands by boat, but there are steps being taken to prevent that from happening. Large boats, like cruise ships and barges, take in water called "Ballast" to help stabalize the ship in port.

But that water can carry alien species and bring them to Hawaii.

So state officials are looking at new regulations for incoming vessels.

"Aquatic invasive species is a big problem around the world, and we wanted to address this issue in Hawaii, especially being that prevention would be the best step," said Jason Leonard, State Aquatics Biologist.  "So we're taking preventative measures to stop this aquatic resource introductions into Hawaii.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources is taking public testimony on the issue for a couple more weeks.

Officials say, those affected agree with the changes because they want to do what's best to protect our waters.