Kickball for A Good Cause

Yvone Jones
Yvone Jones

PALOLO (KHNL)- There's a new group in town that's not only helping people combine work and play, they're doing it in a charitable way.

In the business world, a gathering could be a networking opportunity.

And believe it or not, so could playing kickball.

"For a lot of us, it's been a long time since we played kickball." said participant Steve George. "It's just for everybody to have a good time, re-live your childhood a little bit and to get outdoors."

Its an invention of the folks at 808 Sports Leagues.

A new age idea with an old school approach to turn a kids game into a networking opportunity.

According to league organizer Yvone Jones, "Kickball is kind of a low-key, fun way to meet people from different companies or organizations or just different individuals who want to play."

The idea is simple.

Individuals or organizations can field teams.

Games are held once a week, with a chance for participants to meet, mingle, network and revisit your small kid days.

"To relive a childhood memory, it's been a long time - probably since elementary school - since I played kickball." according to player Kevin Awaya, "It's much more difficult than I remember."

Teams will play for prize money, but that money will go to charity.

And there is one other important objective.

"Don't get hurt. That's the first thing my wife told me this morning, don't get hurt."

The adult, co-ed kickball league begins in early August with a champion to be crowned in mid-November.

The winning team's prize money will go to the charity of the team's choosing.