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New Law Aims to Protect Infants

Dr. Mark Johnson Dr. Mark Johnson
Lt. Col. All Marie Blunt Lt. Col. All Marie Blunt
Libby Bailey Libby Bailey

By Mary Simms

MOANALOA (KHNL) - Governor Lingle signs a bill into law, Wednesday that that aims to protect infants from their parents. Act 216 will make education on shaken baby syndrome available, before caregivers leave the hospital. One local hospital has already put a mandatory education program into practice.

At Tripler Army Medical Center, before mom's can take their newborns home, there are a few "mandatory briefings" they must go through.

A crying baby can be frustrating, but shaking a baby can cause serious injury, or death. The staff at Tripler work to make sure every parent that leaves, takes that message with them.

"Its a combination of hearing it several times over multiple visits with their providers, and then seeing it in video, and one on one talks, and posters and print," said Dr. Mark Johnson, Tripler Army Medical Center.

Tripler doctors say since they began the education program back in 2005, there haven't been any instances of shaken baby syndrome reported in patients under their care."

"And that's our main measure of the success of the program," said Lt. Col. All Marie Blunt. "That I can identify because if it was occuring then babies would have to come back to the hospital because the shaken baby syndrome is truly an act of violence."

Brand new mom Libby and 2-day-old Colt approve.

"Every mom should watch these videos, because it is common sense for a lot of people, but for some its really not," said Libby Bailey. "I definitely feel more confident. My husband and I taking care of this brand new baby boy that's ours."

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