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Man Stepped in to Help Put Out Fire

Justin Drane Justin Drane
Drane was injured putting out the fire Drane was injured putting out the fire
Investigators say that the cause of the fire at the Irish Rose Saloon was arson Investigators say that the cause of the fire at the Irish Rose Saloon was arson

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Investigators say that Monday morning's two alarm fire at the Irish Rose Saloon on Ena Road in Waikiki was arson.  The fire was reported at 2:22 AM and firefighters had it extinguished at 2:42 AM. 

Early Monday morning, KHNL News 8's Mary Simms spoke with Justin Drane, who was injured helping to put out the fire:

MARY SIMMS: The early morning fire caused quite a commotion. I'm here with a local hero, Justin, who was part of the team that helped to put out the fire. Justin, tell me what you did this morning.

JUSTIN DRANE: " I woke up to people saying ‘fire, fire!'. I got out of the door, I asked what was going on, they said there was in the bar that's up here. I asked them if they needed any help and they said, yeah they needed fire extinguishers. Somebody was laying on the ground in there from smoke inhalation and inhaling all the fumes from the fire extinguishers.

"So what I did was I broke the glass for the fire extinguisher, I ended up actually cutting my hand and had to get three stitches for it. Went to the emergency room, they took care of that, and then I came back home."

MS: "We can see here that your hand is stitched. We also heard from you that the owner went to the hospital as well. Who else was injured in this fire that you were helping to put out?"

JD: "There was actually three other people, so including me it would be four, they were all suffering from smoke inhalation. I didn't get the smoke inhalation, but they did."

MS: "Tell me what prompted you, you live right by here, you heard the yells for fire, you heard the calls for help, what prompted you to leave your residence and come here?

JD: "Two reasons, because my kids are upstairs, I don't know if the fire is going to go that way. Everybody else lives in that building with kids as well, and they said that there was a man laying on the ground and he couldn't breathe. So I thought I would just come and help out. I don't want to see anybody get hurt."

MS: Its definitely heroic actions on your part and the part of the other good Samaritans that helped out this morning. The owner is very grateful. Have you had a chance to speak with him yet?

JD: "Yes. He told me he was very grateful. He told me to come and have a drink!"

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