New Kauai Luau Showcases Old Hawaii

Fred Atkins
Fred Atkins
Nani Martson
Nani Martson

(Kauai) - Part of the appeal for many who come to our islands, is the opportunity to take a look in our past. To see the history and development of Hawaii into what it is today.

Now visitors to the Garden Isle get a unique perspective of Kauai's past with a brand new show.

On Kauai's south side, visitors can step back to a simpler time.

"They get a glimpse of Kauai's past." says Fred Atkins with the Kilohana Plantation.

At Kilohana Plantation, a ride on the railroad and tour of old plantation homes will take you back to when sugar was king.

"The sugar era of Kauai was very important, what was Kauai like during the sugar era. That is what we are presenting at Kilohana." adds Atkins.

But there, you can also go on a journey even further back in time,

and travel with Polynesians as they faced the hardships of migration to Hawaii.

"It's the journey of a family that is separated about 1500 along one of the longest sea routes between Tahiti and Hawaii." says Luau creator Nani Marston.

Along this journey, visitors get a chance to experience the many different dances of Polynesia.

From traditional Tahitian rhythms, to Hawaiian hula.

And see what shaped the spirit of the Hawaiian people.

"Luau Kalamaku pays homage to the inner fire and determination at it must of taken to brave those long channels." says Marston.

Part of this luau, gives people a taste of hawaiian foods,

but the creators of Luau Kalamaku want the thousands who see this production each week, to also get a true taste of what it means to be Hawaiian.

And they hope to inspire the audience through music, dance and stories.

"This is a different way to tell a story to educate as well as entertain."

Right now, the luau is being held for passengers of the N-C-L America cruises three nights a week, but there are plans to open the show to other visitors, and residents of Kauai at a later date.