Golfers Complain About Pali Course

Ken Smiley
Ken Smiley
Bill Keegan
Bill Keegan

KANEOHE (KHNL) - After hearing that the greens were in pretty bad shape at the Pali Golf Course we wanted to see it for ourselves and many golfers have the same complaint. The greens at the Pali Golf Course have a lot of brown spots.

Golfer Bill Keegan explains, "The greens are pretty bad if you expect the ball to go towards the hole when you put it you got another thought coming it's not gonna do it."

Conditions make it difficult to sink putts, says Keegan, "Yesterday I played here and I didn't even bother counting the number of putts I had and I played with three other people and they had the same problem."

Golfer Ken Smiley says, "Everything is good about this golf course except the condition and especially the greens."

Some golfers say this is why the course that used to be popular is now slow.

Smiley adds, "You don't want a lot of weeds and bare spots in the greens. As long as the ball rolls pretty good everybody will be happy about that."

Reporter Beth Hillyer demonstratres, "Now this is what we are talking about. It's Sunday afternoon, a beautiful day not a soul in line and no one on the tee box. "

The snackbar in the clubhouse is empty.

Smiley believes, "Obviously if the greens get a lot better that is the main thing, to be able to control the ball around the greens let the greens get in great shape it will definitely be busy again."

Some golfers like Ken Smiley who walked on without waiting like the fact the Pali Golf Course is not that busy, "It's very good to be able to get up and go because a lot of places you do have to wait you know."

Golfer Kekoa Kamauoha concludes, " I didn't have to wait long and I like it like that. I hope it's like this all the time."