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Former TGI Fridays Employees Stage Protest

Cailin Wilson Cailin Wilson
Jennifer Summerfield Jennifer Summerfield
Laura Andes Laura Andes
The Ward Avenue location of TGI Fridays was closed on June 12 The Ward Avenue location of TGI Fridays was closed on June 12

By: Mari-Ela David

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Former TGI Fridays restaurant employees are anything but happy this Friday night.

The sudden closures of the chain's two restaurants on Oahu in the past two weeks, has left many of its workers with no job and no paycheck.

They started their protest in front of the TGI Fridays in Waikiki, then marched over to the restaurant on Ward Avenue.

All they want is their money. They say to this day, they still haven't gotten their final paycheck.

"We all got laid off, nobody got their final check from managers," yelled protestors.

Former TGI Fridays employees are anything but happy on this friday

"I don't think I've ever been treated so poorly by a company in the end," said former employee Cailin Wilson. "This is really disappointing."

Workers were supposed to get their final paycheck 13 days ago, but still no word from management on if or when they'll ever get paid.

"I have medical bills to bay that I don't have insurance for. I can barely pay rent," said Jennifer Summerfield, a former employee. "I'm having to borrow from my family this month as well as my fiancee who's deployed right now."

Former employees took their frustrations out in front of TGIF on Ward, where restaurant items will be up for auction, hoping to get answers from managers. But one manager says she's a victim too.

"I was asked to purchase supplies for the restaurant and be reimbursed," said Laura Andes. "And in the process of the reimbursement the check that issued me did not clear."

Some former workers say they weren't notified they were getting laid off. They say they had to find out through co-workers.

And while filing for unemployment is an option, TGIF former employees say, they can't wait that long.

We tried contacting TGIF's corporate headquarters for comment, but have not heard back from them.

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