Hokulea Crew Members Return Home

Chad Paishon
Chad Paishon
Pomai Bertelmann
Pomai Bertelmann

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Proud members of the native voyage canoe Hokulea are home Friday night. Telling stories to their friends and family about their historic voyage.

Crew members arrived on a flight from Japan while the Hokulea is transported back to its home dock in Hawaii via a container ship.

A Hawaiian welcome for the crew of the Hokulea.

Crew members are greeted with lei and welcome home hugs.

"We are extremely satisfied with this voyage, I mean the connections that we made, the bonds that we've made, the bridges that we've built have allowed us to reconnect for families that who migrated here and those that are back and now for the future the door is wide open to continue the bridge that has been there for a long time," said navigator Chad Paishon.

Their 7,375 mile journey to Micronesia, and Japan is being called one of the most historic voyages ever.

"In terms of emotional each stop that we made was emotional because of the different places and the different people we met," said Pomai Bertelmann.

And the voyage was considered risky, as the crew sailed right through typhoon season. One of the reasons why the Hokulea is now coming back to Hawaii via a container ship.

"It's mostly because of the weather right now and the weather system that is happening so that it is coming safely home it was the best thing to do to ship the Hokulea home," said Paishon.

After weeks of sailing the seas and making cultural connections at 8 ports, these crew members have nothing but good mana, and great memories to share with the people of hawaii on their return.