Dog Finds Stabbing Victim in Waialua

Carl Zsido
Carl Zsido

WAIALUA (KHNL) -- They don't call them "man's best friend" for nothing. In a Lassie-type move, a dog finds a badly hurt man in some bushes on Oahu's North Shore and alerts its owner.

Police say it happened off Waialua Beach Road near the district park Friday morning.

It's not every day a regular Joe shows up at the Waialua Fire Station with a stabbing victim in his car.

"For what this Good Samaritan did, you know, bring an injured man here for us to take him to Queen's Hospital, normally we don't have people do that," Carl Zsido, paramedic, said.

The Good Samaritan told authorities he's walking his dog in an area off Waialua Beach Road, when his dog finds a man with multiple stab wounds in the bushes. The dog alerts its owner, who jumps into action.

"He just brought him in," Zsido said. "He just picked him up with his SUV and brought him over here."

That's when paramedics take over.

"We just took him down to Queen's Hospital 'cause of his injuries. The good doctors and nurses, they worked on him," Zsido said. "The initial condition was critical. And from what I heard, it's upgraded to serious."

Detectives and evidence specialists comb the area where the dog made the discovery. Because the victim, tentatively identified as a 32-year-old, is in a medically-induced coma, investigators say they haven't been able to talk to him about what happened.

"If this Good Samaritan didn't bring him, you know, to our care, maybe the patient might have died. I don't know," Zsido said.

Investigators say they have no suspects and found no weapons. If you have any information about this case, call police.