Viewer Wins Energy Star Washer Dryer

Ouida Buck
Ouida Buck

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Friday morning, KHNL News 8 "Today" and The Home Depot revealed the winner of our exciting "Home Energy Star Contest!" Since the beginning of June, hundreds of you logged onto to tell us what you do to save energy in your home.

For one lucky Leeward Oahu viewer, doing something small pays off in a big way.

Ouida Buck was our superstar energy saver this morning, and the whole team came out to congratulate her.

"Did you ever think you would ever win,?" asked reporter Mary Simms.

"No, I never thought I was going to win, I never thought I was going to win but I'd seen it on the news that morning, and I really wanted to," replied Buck.

Ouida says changing old lightbulbs to compact fluorescents, installing a water heater timer, and going "solar" have helped her save more than 40 dollars a month on her electric bill.

"Honestly, I save energy because I want to save money," said Buck.

And not only is it good for her wallet, its great for the environment too. Home Energy expert Mike Simpier says together, everyone can make a difference.

"If everyone in Hawaii conserved electricity by appliances and bulbs and that types of stuff literally we wouldn't have rolling blackouts and we wouldn't have to worry about building new power plants," said Simpier.

Ouida was planning to use the money saved on her monthly electric bill to upgrade these appliances. But now -- she can spent those dollars somewhere else.