"Fabulous Five" Receive Honor

Bob Nash
Bob Nash
Red Rocha
Red Rocha

By Russell Yamanoha

(KHNL) -   It was a walk down memory lane Thursday night, as a group of Hawaii basketball fans and supporters, all got together to honor five legendary Hawaii athletes.

And everyone had a fabulous time!

That's usually the case when the Fab-5 gets together.

The team, widely regarded as the best ever to run the Rainbow court.

All on hand tonight at the Plaza Club in Downtown Honolulu, to support one of its own.

Individually... they're known as John Penebacker.

Al Davis.

Jerome Freeman.

Dwight Holiday.

And Bob Nash.

Together, they will always be known as the Fab 5.

"We've had a lot of fun over the years - the Fab 5. And to have all of us in one room is truly heart warming," said Rainbow Warrior Basketball Head Coach Bob Nash.

The 5 together tonight to honor 1.

Bob Nash, now the Head Coach of the Rainbow Basketball team.

A spot once held by the legendary Red Rocha.

"Tonight is like homecoming week. Not only are they here, there's a lot of people I haven't seen that are here tonight," said Rocha.   "And I'm so glad to see them because they're honoring a very important guy in my life in Bob Nash and the other 4 guys that are here."

Nash, the man of the hour as he gets set to embark on his first season as UH boss.

And he won't go it alone.

The Fab 5, still a unit.

As the group gave Nash a 5000 dollar donation to benefit his program.

"We've been a team for such a long time that it continues to this day. We go back a long way and to have these guys as my brothers is truly amazing," said Nash.

Can you still play?

"We can still play, I don't know how good it is. I don't know if the magic is still there," Nash told KHNL News 8.

The only guy that might play is Dwight Holiday. He looks like he could still play. He's in great shape.

"That's not our space anymore. We let the young guys do it. But if it was a thinking game, yeah, we'd beat them," said Dwight Holiday, a member of the "Fabulous Five."  "But getting up and down that court - that's hard work."