Police Arrest Several Waimanalo Beach Campers on Warrants

Gene Kanaha
Gene Kanaha

WAIMANALO (KHNL) -- Several people with more than a dozen outstanding warrants between them are caught during a police operation along the Waimanalo coastline.

Nearby residents we talked with say they're pleased with the arrests.

Police swarm the beaches in Waimanalo. They're not here to catch rays. They're here to catch wanted people.

"I knew that some, one of these guys had a warrant 'cause, as I said, these people over here, they just, they're not respecting the land," Gene Kanaha, Waimanalo resident, said. "They're not respecting the people around here."

Kanaha has lived across the street from this picturesque beach nearly his entire life.

"This is the nicest place you, I know people come from mainland," he said. "And they just come to Waimanalo. They love Waimanalo."

He says he's fed up with campers who disrupt his laid-back neighborhood.

"If they're going to come and live at my front door, take care of the place, okay," he said. "And no, no, don't think that people not watching them 'cause people are watching them. And don't disrespect the area."

This operation involves officers going through campsites, checking IDs, and making sure people with warrants aren't hiding out here. Police take three men and one woman into custody on 14 outstanding warrants.

"They should know that no more place to hide, not even Waimanalo," Kanaha said.

The people arrested are being held at the main police cellblock.