North Shore Residents Upset over Skate Park Design

James Cuizon
James Cuizon

NORTH SHORE (KHNL) - It was supposed to be a "world-class destination." A phenomenal skate park that would "beckon the best" to Oahu's North Shore. Nearly five years later, little progress has been made.

Changes to the original bid and contract leave these protesters very angry. Originally the contract included design by a professional skate park designer, "Dreamland." Now, the protesters say a company with little knowledge of skate park design will build an obsolete and potentially unsafe park.

"We were promised a design built skate park by Dreamland, that got taken out of the program," said Steve Ellis, North Shore resident. "Now were stuck with what they're building, that's why everybody's here."

The revised park will be a third smaller.

"Skate is surf's little brother, we can't allow a mediocre skate park to go right across the street from the greatest break in the world," said James Cuizon, North Shore resident.

What began as a peaceful protest became hostile when protesters confronted construction workers on the site.

It's a "hot" issue for these residents, and they want construction to stop immediately.

"I am very frustrated. I've made countless efforts to contact the city to get answers and they've consistently ignored my request for talks and they've just never gotten back to me," said Cuizon.

Councilman Donavan Delacruz says he supports the protestor's. He's calling for an audit of the City's Department of Design and Construction to "get to the bottom of this."

In a statement from the Mayor's office, they indicate "unsuitable soil" conditions caused a need for changes to be made to the project.