Save By Securing Your Home with Hurricane Clips

AIEA (KHNL) - With hurricane season upon us, now is the time to take advantage of a state program to reward you for installing hurricane clips to secure your homes.

When it comes to hurricanes, this may be one of the safest neighborhoods on Oahu.

All 140 homes here at Harbor Terrace are secured with these hurricane clips.

When homeowners at Harbor Terrace got their insurance statement and found it doubled as a result of hurricane Katrina they sprang into action.

Resident Margie Davis says, "Money is tight anymore. Knowing we were going to get a break on the insurance plus the possibility of getting the grant money that was the real deciding factor. "

This entire community agreed to install hurricane ties to cut insurance premiums.

On average it costs about $2,400 to secure a single story home with about one hundred of these clips. Plus each homeowner gets a state credit of $800.

Tests show the clips work. Davis adds, "One of the problem comes when the wind rips your roof off. Once your roof is gone it's just all gone. These hurricane clips hold the roof down you can see up here it's gonna hold it down."

When it comes to forecasting hurricanes Margie Davis believes it's not a matter of "if" but "when".

"When it hits here we have to take care of ourselves and if we can hold our houses together we are all gonna be safer."

Manufacturers say that by screwing in one hundred of these clips, it is the equivalent of adding a 40-thousand-pound weight to your roof in the face of a storm.