Target stores are coming to Hawaii, as are four Walgreen's locations, the Superferry, a Hawaiian Telcom video service and certainly some other impact opportunities.  What does it all mean for local folk?   Choices, jobs, new business possibilities for local vendors, and competition for the existing and entrenched business players.

With redevelopment going on at hotel chains throughout Hawaii and high rises seemingly going up on every corner that has sat vacant for years downtown and elsewhere, there is quite a lot of activity on the business front in Hawaii.   And while we don't ever want to lose some of the truly local customs and places that help to make Hawaii such a special place, it is nice to see revitalization, modernization, and a wider variety of choices in many facets of consumer life here.

It would sure be nice to see some of the archaic and dilapidated bureaucratic systems which seem broken get a similar face lift or complete overhaul.  You know which ones I mean.  The ones we see stories about ad nauseum and then turn to one another and say "nothing changes," or "same old, same old."  Ah yes, some day, but not soon enough.  Enjoy the shopping.  Think About It.