Teenager's Volunteer Work Sweeps Adults Off Their Feet

Joshua Manzano
Joshua Manzano
Michael Chinen
Michael Chinen

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Ballroom dancing has become all-the-rage across the country, thanks to reality TV.  Hawaii, is no exception.

We meet a stylish teenage dance instructor from Waipahu, who volunteers his time to help keep the ballroom dancing hype alive.

Shoes on tight and ready to slide, 15-year-old Joshua Manzano rumbas his way to the head of his latest class.

While most of his schoolmates at Waipahu High School consider spinning on their heads so-called "dancing", Joshua has taken a more traditional, more elegant route.

"I like to be different," explains Joshua. "I don't like doing everything everybody else does. I like to be my own self."

Joshua's path to ballroom dancing actually began about a decade ago, thanks to his grandmother, Rose.

''She wants to have a partner. So, she taught me how to ballroom dance, too," says Joshua. "I got into the groove."

And Joshua never looked back.

He helps teach each Monday night at Aliamanu Middle School.

Because he is so good, adults listen with great concentration.

Don't forget, Joshua's barely old enough to get a driver's licence.

''It's hard to get teenagers to volunteer for anything, let alone ballroom dancing," says Michael Chinen of the Hawaii Ballroom Dance Association. "Joshua is an amazing young man."

There's more than just dancing to this soon-to-be sophomore.

He's a straight-A student, who has his own rock band.

He also wants to study civil engineering.

But on this night, it's all about the dance.

''I enjoy it," says Joshua. "It's just fun helping people out. I don't need money or anything."