Green Light Go Premieres New Music Video

(KHNL) - Kamuela Kahoano from Green Light Go has been nominated for "Rock Album of the Year" in Wednesday's Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. He'll perform for us again in a few minutes, but first, Kamuela is going to show us his new music video.

ANGELA: Congratulations on your nomination!

KAMUELA:  Thank you very much.

ANGELA:  So where are the others, where is Ikaika?

KAMUELA:  Ikaika is out in med school out in D.C. and because he's in the military med school right now, it's difficult.  His schedule is complex and he just can't make it on this occasion so he's not going to make it to the Hoku tonight.

ANGELA: who's all going to be sitting at your table, family and friends?

KAMUELA:  Family and friends, yeah.

ANGELA:  Good, are you excited?

KAMUELA:  Yes, very much so. This is a ground breaking moment in our progression as music artists in Hawaii.

ANGELA: Definitely now you have a video, tell us a little bit about the video we're about to see.

KAMUELA:  The video is "Don't Know Why".  It's probably the only local track on the whole CD, and it's just something we can all show our colors we exist in Hawaii and what not.  That produced a start of a 3-video trilogy.  But for now, this is "Don't Know Why" and it's just us being mellow and laid back.

ANGELA:  Okay, so Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the premiere of Green Light Go's new video for the song "Don't Know Why".