Honolulu Set to Receive $3M for Ewa-Downtown Ferry Demo Project

(KHNL) - Honolulu is set to receive $3 million in federal grant to launch its planned demonstration intra-island ferry system.

Congressman Neil Abercrombie said in a statement Wednesday, the project will allow Leeward Oahu communters to travel by ferry between Ewa and downtown Honolulu.

"It's a demonstration project that's definitely needed to help the City to develop and to implement transportation alternative plans that will ease the growing traffic congestion problems on Oahu," said Congressman Abercrombie.

The project will also include the use of city buses to help commuters travel to and from the ferry's departure points at Kalaeloa and Honolulu Harbor.  The estimated 23-mile ferry ride between Kalaeloa and Honolulu is 44 minutes.