No Light Could Fetch Fine

Dale Hoffman
Dale Hoffman
Travis Turner
Travis Turner

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Some Hawaii bicyclists are breaking the law, but many riders say they don't even know the rules of the road to begin with.

While there are educational classes for bike riders, they are not required. So many may take to the bike lanes and our streets not knowing that riders have to follow almost all of the same rules and regulations as drivers.

You've seen them on our roads, and on our sidewalks.

So just where are bikes supposed to be?

"Riding a bicycle is like walking, the rules of the road are up in the air." says Aaron Char, a Honolulu Bicyclist.

But there are rules , laws in fact, on where you can ride.

"You can ride on the sidewalk in a residential area, but its against the law to ride on the sidewalk in any business district. Its very dangerous to ride on the sidewalk." says bike safety expert, Dale Hoffman.

We also want to shed some light on what bicyclists are required to have at night.

"Lights, but its still dangerous cause bikes can't go as fast as cars." says Moiliili bicyclist, Sofia Goddard.

"State law is a light in front, a white light , but on the rear of the bike, a reflector. But we urge customers to go with a light in front and back." says The Bike Shop employee, Travis Turner.

"If you ride a bicycle at night you want to be highly illuminated." adds Hoffman.

These are more than safety tips, Honolulu police say they will cite bicyclists who don't follow the rules of the road. A citation for not having a light at night runs about 60 dollars.

"You could get a backlight, a front light and even a reflective vest for 60 dollars, you could light yourself pretty well for 60 dollars" says Hoffman.

Bicyclists must also always ride with traffic. And if your caught running red lights or break other traffic laws, don't expect any break because you're on a bike. It's the same fine for drivers and riders.