Food Fuss

The possibility of reduced service by Lanakila Meals on Wheels is simply not acceptable.  The tangible rewards for this program and its wonderful volunteers are obvious, and the stark reality of costs associated with not delivering the meals makes the necessary funding seem quite reasonable.

As you might expect in our island ohana, local angels have swooped in and already offered help to the meals on wheels program.  A former Miss Hawaii has apparently offered to stage a fundraiser to help out.  Others are offering to adopt an elder to ensure a constant source of meals. The meals on wheels program already has over 250 seniors on a waiting list, and now says it will cut 233 seniors from its existing program in just three weeks because it will no longer receive the extra state money that helped to feed these people.  This can't be allowed to happen.

[call 531-0555 to help]

Surely, somebody wise and financially savvy at the State level can quickly figure out a way to move funds around this week to keep this rolling food chain flowing before the clock strikes midnight.  Hungry, elderly people in today's society is just as ludicrous as a rising homeless rate, and we can't allow that to happen.  Think About It.