Maui Boy Shines at Baseball Diamond

(KHNL) - Its been a sweet week for former Baldwin High School star Kurt Suzuki.

Just seven games into his Big League career, Suzuki is looking good.

And he's hoping to stick and stay in the Bigs, because let's face it, it's just a whole lot better than being in the minors.

Maui guy Kurt Suzuki is finding out, there's a reason they call major league ball - the big leagues.

Because unlike the minors, there's nothing minor about it.

"You go from staying in little motels to the Four Seasons and the Ritz and that kind of living, you can never get tired of that." says Suzuki. "Its first class all the way."

But living the good life, has it's down side.

Suzuki knows, the pressure is on, if he wants his stay in the Bigs to be a long one.

"Nothing is handed to you and you have to earn everything you get. The easy part is getting up here, the hard part is staying here. But I'm up to it and I'm ready to go out there show everybody I belong here."

And so far, so good.

Just a week into his rookie big league swing, the Baldwin High School grad already has three hits in just six plate apperances, and last Saturday, he made his first major league start.

"Everyone told me I looked nervous and I was nervous. And after the first couple of pitches I got settled in a little bit and got comfortable and just went from there."

For Suzuki the timing, couldn't have been better.

With starting catcher Jason Kendall entering the final year of his contract, the opportunity might be there, for Suzuki to take over full time with the Athletic's.

"You know, you can't just jump in the fire. You have to earn your stripes. I go out there and prove to the coaches and get them more confidence in me and then I'll get more playing time but until I'll just do what I need to do and learn and learn."