Ashley Layfield Crowned New Miss Hawaii

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - 21-year-old Ashley Layfield beats out 13 other contestants to claim the crown of Miss Hawaii.

We caught up her as she begins her reign, and she talks story about the pageant and her future. For this aspiring graphic designer, her crowning achievement came on a night to remember.

One filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, and even a few fumbles.

"In the back, everyone's nervous and excited to go on and everyone's saying oh I hope I don't trip and fall and I was thinking the same thing and the opening number started and my first two steps I fell to the ground," said Layfield.

But that's the real Ashley Layfield, says this former Rainbow dancer, who has the poise and polish and hasn't let a little clumsiness keep her from her dreams.

"I'm somebody who is fun and spontaneous and will fall on stage because that is so who I am. I'm the biggest klutz. I love it...that's just me. I can get right back up and put a smile on and realize that that's part of life."

Next up for Layfield is the Miss America pageant...where she takes her love for the performing arts to the national stage.

My platform is promoting the performing arts and what's great is I can really mesh those two together now. I can go out and meet these children and visit them in the Kapiolani Hospital and work with them and hopefully incorporate some of my performing arts background with them and work with the kids one on one."

And speaking of one on one, the talented and determined Miss Hawaii is surrounded by supporting family and friends but not that special someone, just yet.

"At the moment, I'm currently single. I was raised by my mother and single parent and she's always instilled in me to be very strong and independent so currently I am strong and independent and single."