Get News on the Go

(KHNL) - With our busy schedules, not everyone can find time to keep up with current news. But we have a feature on our website that allows you to get your live local late-breaking headlines while you're on the go.

If you have a cell phone or a PDA, you are half way there. Today's technology has made it easy for you to get news any time, any where.

It's called 8 on the go and you can get all your live local late-breaking news from or any other news sources throughout the country, right onto your cell phone or PDA. But first, you'll need a phone with data access capabilities and a web browser.

Accessing 8 on the go is easy and fast. There are two ways to go about it. You can launch it from a text message or from a cell phone browser.

You can get the latest news, weather, sports and even movie listings. You can also check your horoscope, track a flight or if you are on the mainland, see the winning lottery results.

For more information, just go to our website at and click on the 8 on the go logo.

And the good news, using your mobile web browser won't use up any minutes on your calling plan.