Fire Department Rescues Couple from Ocean after Plane Crash

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - Honolulu Fire Department crews rescued two plane crash victims in waters off Hawaii Kai early Friday evening. The victims, a 29-year-old male and a 31-year-old female were pulled off a life raft after their small plane was ditched in the ocean approximately one mile off Portlock.

Chopper 8 captured the rescue on video as HFD's Air One helicopter responded to the scene. A rescue swimmer dived into the ocean and swam to the life raft. The rescue swimmer then assisted the female victim into a net lowered from air one.

Air One then flew the swimmer and the woman to the boat ramp at Maunalua Bay Beach Park. HFD crews onboard Rescue One rescued the man and recovered the life raft. The man was also brought back to Maunalua Boat Ramp.

Both victims of the crash appeared uninjured and refused treatment from paramedics. There was no trace of the aircraft in the water. The Federal Aviation Administration reported a distress call from a small aircraft at 5:52 PM Friday.