Analyst: Cheap Airfares Desperate Move by Go Airlines

Ramona Medeiros
Ramona Medeiros
Peter Forman
Peter Forman

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's a desperate move by a desperate airline. That's what an airline analyst says about the latest air fare deal.

Go Airlines is flying inter-island passengers for just $19. Flights must be booked online by the end of Friday. And it's only good for the month of June.

Both Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines also match the price.

One analyst says the timing is all wrong. Go says it's all part of the plan

"This is a time of year when airlines need to make money," said airline expert Peter Forman. "They have to make money in summertime, and a fare war, this steep makes no sense in an economic standpoint and it's gonna hurt all three carriers."

Officials at Go say these promotions do just the opposite. They say after their last one dollar promotion, they got 13,000 customers in their frequent flier program.

While the three airlines continue to duke it out, the customers feel like they're the winners.

"Make it even better for all of us," said Ramona Medeiros.

Forman agrees -- for now. But he says in the long run, air fares are like airplanes -- they'll always go back up.

"All of these airlines are losing tens of millions of dollars," said Forman. "Whoever the victors are gonna be, they're gonna try and make it up afterwards, so it's gonna be good in the short run, not so good in the long run."

Officials from Go say they're building a brand. And these promotions are part of an investment for their future, which they say will be in Hawaii.