R&B Artist Omarion Hits the Stage at the 50th State Fair

(KHNL) - R&B superstar Omarion is on a roll! His second CD, called "21," is out. The first release "Entourage" hit the charts. His latest hit "Ice Box" is making its climb and now, the singer/song writer is here, getting ready to light it up at the 50th State Fair.

MARVIN: This is big time.

OMARION:  Hey, hey, hey.

MARVIN: Nice to meet you. How long have you been on the islands and how have we been treating you?

OMARION: Well, it's been great. As soon as I landed, a nice young lady kissed me on the cheek, and gave me the lei, I was pretty excited about that and it's wonderful, I'm having a good time?

MARVIN:  Is it your first time here?

OMARION: No actually, this is, I think, my second or third time.

MARVIN: We got to get you out here more often.

OMARION: Most definitely.

MARVIN: I know half the ladies on the staff want to line up and give you a kiss and a lei and all that fun stuff.

OMARION: (laughing) I'll take that.

MARVIN: Let's back it up.  For all the folks out there who aren't too familiar, you're a former leader of the group "B2K" and the big hit then was "bump, bump, bump".


MARVIN: Except that's not how it went, it's more like (singing) "bump, bump, bump".  If you recognize that, here's the man right here.  But since then, you decided you're gonna do your own thing, how was that transition been like?

OMARION: Well, it's been great.  Just to have the responsibility of waking up in the morning, I can't really blame anyone when you're in a group sometimes that energy, that help, it really relies on other people and really waking up in the morning and saying that if something goes wrong, it's on me.  I really love the responsibility, you know, being a man and everything.

MARVIN:  I also understand, you still keep in touch with the other guys.

OMARION:  Oh yeah, me and the fellows are still cool and they really wish me well.

MARVIN: A lot of fans are here on the islands waiting for you to attack the 50th State Fair.  Do you do a lot more than just sing?  Let's talk about your busy day, you're a song-writer.


MARVIN: You wrote most of the songs on you CD.


MARVIN: How do you fit all this?

OMARION:  I've just been blessed with all the talent and not really me fitting time in, it's like really me having a good time.  I'm having good, I can't wait to perform.  I haven't been here in a long time and it's going to be crazy.

MARVIN:  We hear you on the radio.  All the people, the kids at the clubs, we see you on the music videos but now we're gonna see you live.   Let's talk about the live act, let's talk about the real you.

OMARION:  Yeah, live in person, people come see your boy Omarion.  It's going to be crazy.  I got my whole crew with me. We're gonna be getting our dance on, that's what we do.  That's what I do and we might even bring some nice young ladies up on stage, depends on how the crowd is.

MARVIN: So the crowd has to bring it.

OMARION: Oh, they have to bring it, they have to be live.

MARVIN: Your second CD's out, and here you are touring around, you're having a great time, expressing the music but what's next for Omarion?

OMARION:  I'm really excited about this next project.  Well first I have a film coming out in the fall, it's called "The Noise" and Jennifer Lopez produced it.  It's really a break out role for me.  We shot it in Puerto Rico, it's kind of based around Ragae-ton and the music and where it came from.  I'm really excited about that.  But more so, on the music side, myself and my good friend, Bow-Wow, we're doing an album together.  Some that's been done inspired by Jay-Z and R Kelly but me and Bow have been doing this for a really, really long time.  We came up in the game together so it should be really exciting, we should be having this out by December.

MARVIN: After the 50th State Fair, you're gonna hang out a little bit?

OMARION:  Oh yeah, definitely.  I want to go hang out and hopefully I can meet some people to show me around.

MARVIN: Yeah, check it out.  Don't do the work.

OMARION:  Yeah, I got to chill out.  I got to hang out and have fun.

MARVIN: But before that happens, you do have to work.  Thanks for coming, it's an honor to meet you.

OMARION:  It's great meeting you as well.

MARVIN:  For all you fans out there, get ready to "Hit it" at the 50th State Fair.  Omarion takes the stage Friday and Saturday night, 7:30.