Board Votes To Support Target In Salt Lake

Brie Heath
Brie Heath
Tishanna Yabes
Tishanna Yabes

June 15, 2007 12:24 AM

By Mari-Ela David

(KHNL) - A Salt Lake neighborhood board voted Thursday night to support construction of a Target store in Salt Lake - a decision many residents also support, saying it's about time the store came to Hawaii.

Two stores in two years, Target intends to make its mark in Hawaii - one in Kapolei, the other at the old Costco site in Salt Lake.

"We're looking forward to it. It's very very long overdue," says Salt Lake resident Roger McClosky.

The retail giant presented its plans for Salt Lake before the neighborhood board Thursday night at Aliamanu Middle School, aiming to address any concerns, such as traffic.

"We're working with the County right now to make sure that we come up with the appropriate plan that meets the county standards," says Target spokesperson, Brie Heath.

Businesses in the Salt Lake plaza say it's been a ghost town since Costco left 5 years ago. They're hoping Target will change that, revive business and boost profits back up.

"Even with all the businesses here, hardly anyone comes for lunch so with the Target opening we're probably going to be pretty busy during the day," says Tishanna Yabes, a bartender at Cheerleaders.

Target wants to open both stores by 2009.

Some businesses at the old Costco plaza are excited about Target's arrival, but are worried rent will go up.

A Target spokesperson says that's pure speculation at this point, since plans are still in the preliminary stage.