Family in Shock Over Extreme Makeover

Momi Akana
Momi Akana

KALIHI (KHNL) - Perfect. Beyond words. The most beautiful she's ever seen.

That's how a Kalihi Valley woman is describing her new, extreme home. Part of the reason Momi Akana was chosen was because of her work helping others. And she won't stop now that she's got her dream home.

Momi Akana and her family can't stop smiling.

"Even to this moment, you can't believe it," said Akana. "That beautiful place, that's not my house yet. It couldn't possibly be."

Eight days ago, Akana was chosen to undergo an extreme home make over. Now, she's got the community center and home of her dreams.

"When they said what kind of home do you want, I said a local looking house," said Akana. "I didn't know what it meant, but that's what I meant it's just everything you exactly always wanted and more."

And the gifts keep coming. Central Pacific Bank and First Hawaiian Bank donate $10,000 to Akana's non-profit group "Keiki O Ka Aina."

It's the final gift in this whole experience. And the family wants to thank every one of the 3,000 volunteers that made their dreams come true.

"We love you," said Akana. "We know that you folks did this to be a part of something big and great, and I promise you that I will steward your investment well."

Akana's already keeping with that promise. She plans to turn her old house into transitional housing for women released from prison.

"I believe that's why we keep getting," said Akana. "If you keep giving, then God knows he can trust you, and he'll keep giving and we can keep giving it back out."

Thursday night will be the family's first night in the new house. And Akana promises to have a grand opening in the near future.