Advancements in Medical Technology Help U.S Troops

Donald Horner
Donald Horner

SALT LAKE (KHNL) - Cutting edge technology at Tripler Army Medical Center helps our troops before and after they serve in combat. It's the latest way science and technology combine to assist our troops.

Computers and scanners have become important medical tools in the military. They're the latest weapons to help our service members stay ready.

This scanner is Tripler Army Medical Center's latest tool in helping U.S. service members. It captures the precise measurements of a soldier's foot. The image gets recorded in real time on a computer screen. Once it's finished, orthotics expert Donald Horner can manipulate the image to get a better fit.

"You can actually go ahead and mark those in and be more precise than what you were," he said.

Then, the image gets uploaded into this machine, and a computer-guided robot goes to work.

While this technology helps service members walk better, this brace shop is full service.

"Going from foot orthotics to work up the body, anything up to the neck," said Horner.

They can even help injured soldiers with prosthetics.

"Primarily partial foot," said Horner. "We make those in house."

The robot goes through the final steps in getting these orthopedic supports ready.

And here's the final product. What used to take three to five days is now ready in less than two hours.

"And until nine months ago, we were using the same old manual labor devices, to fabricate what we need, and now we have a new tool," said Horner.

Horner, an Army veteran, gets satisfaction in helping those who are fighting overseas.

"To watch a soldier, sailor, Marine, airman, coast guardsman, or sailor walk and see a smile," said Horner, "that in and of itself is payment."

Helping service members through advanced medical technology.

The Tripler brace shop provides service to the military serving in the Pacific, Asia, and parts of the U.S. It's the only one of its kind in the states.