Room to Move

Let's chat about room and lack thereof today...

Too few teachers are coming into the State Department of Education system, even with upcoming raises, and too many teachers will be retiring over the next few years.  We know this now, so what is being done?  Providing schools with working fixtures and enough books for all students would be an appropriate expectation of an employee, not the possible incentive it seems to be too often in Hawaii with our annual lack of funding.

Too few facilities are in place to handle our quickly aging population.  As baby boomers retire and live longer but need assistance, where will they go to live out their most golden years, especially on the neighbor islands, which simply don't have enough structures?

Too many homeless people and too few facilities to house them.  But who decides what really constitutes affordable housing--affordable for whom, and who mandates that these people move in if the facilities are built?  Not enough homes or living establishments is an issue in some cases; but where were the families and the psychological help that some of these people needed years ago and still need today?   Plenty of questions that need answers.  Think About It.