Kapolei Honors its Outstanding Community with KOA Awards

Dave Rae
Dave Rae
Daryl Madela
Daryl Madela

(KHNL) - Kapolei is a booming city, home to more than 25,000 jobs and 800 businesses. According to the City of Kapolei's official website, in the next 20 years, there will be 40,000 new jobs every year.  "Kapolei Property Development" honors people, companies and organizations who make Kapolei a better place. Here to tell us about this year's awards are Senior Vice President, Dave Rae, and winner, Daryl Madela.

ANGELA: What is this all about?

DAVE: Well, the KOA Awards, which is the Kapolei of Achievement Awards , was founded in 1990 when we first broke ground to honor the people in the community who make a significant contribution.  And building a city is about building a community so it's really about community.

ANGELA: There's a reason why they call it the second city, it's really up and coming, isn't it?

DAVE: Well, it went from second city to the new city and Mayor Hanneman yesterday called it the great city so I think we've made progress.

ANGELA:  Now Daryl, you are connected to the media program where?

DARYL: Kapolei High School.

ANGELA:  And you folks actually have a newscast in the morning?

DARYL: Yes. It's a morning bulletin, where the students run a morning bulletin. It's just like channel 8 news where we have reporters, we have newcasters, camera people and they report a daily news to the student body every morning.

ANGELA: So you took the KOA award this past year, how does the students feel about that?

DARYL: Well, it's an honor to win this award, it makes me and them very proud that they have placed in Kapolei, they're known in Kapolei so I like to thank Kapolei Development Company for this award and it's really an honor to win this award.

ANGELA: And how much significance is it in this special award?

DAVE: Well, we think it's a lot of significance. People in the community just really gather for that event. There's a lot of participation.  This year we had over 27 nominees for the five categories and it's really an important gathering for the community.

ANGELA: Any reason why Daryl was chosen?

DAVE: Well, let me say that we have individual judges, it's not done by us.  So we do have a panel of individual judges and their work was outstanding.

ANGELA: And are you looking for more entrants?

DAVE: We're always looking for entrants and we will be looking next year.  We put out a bulletin in the beginning of the year.  This year, the awards were in May.  People can go to our web page and find out all about it and submit entrants.

ANGELA: I'm gonna have to get a sneak peek at your class.

DARYL: Sure.

ANGELA: Sounds like a lot of fun and great to get those kids inspired at an early age.

DARYL:  Very exciting.