T.G.I. Friday's Restaurant in Honolulu Closes Unexpectedly

Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins
Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A popular Honolulu restaurant has closed its doors, but is it for good?

There was no announcement, no word of warning, just locked doors for many who are now left wondering what happened to T.G.I. Friday's.

Arriving at T.G.I. Friday's on Ward Avenue, the evening dinner crowd was in for a surprise.

Instead of a new menu item, a closed sign greeted hungry diners.

"I was shocked, they've been open for so long, I don't why they were closed." said Kelly Collins, a Honolulu resident.

Longtime patrons of the popular eatery were not the only ones surprised. This closure also caught employees off guard.

"I saw the closed sign and I was flabbergasted, as were all the employees that were working here." said Honolulu resident, Mike Ferguson.

Fans of T.G.I. Friday's are not left without a restaurant, the same company that closed the Ward location has a Waikiki restaurant that is still open and still busy.

But for many, this T.G.I. Friday's on Ward Avenue became more than just a place to have a meal.

"I would stop in every day, sometimes 2 to 3 times a day. I'm retired, this is my home away from home." added Ferguson.

So now some regular customers aren't sure if T.G.I. Friday's will ever be the same.

"They have one open in Waikiki, but I don't know if I will go there, with the parking for locals and all," said Ferguson.

Employees of the closed Ward restaurant said a statement from their corporate headquarters on the closure will come Wednesday.