Meandering Mind

A veritable potpourri of pontifications to ponder...

New regulations mandate that local fishermen register and tag their fishing nets.  A monk seal died entangled in a net a week ago; it is imperative that the new rules to help protect this endangered animal are fully enforced as they were intended, or this loss will not be the last.

Graduation season is here, and so is the annual rudeness and anarchy.  Yes, I mean you, who feel the need to scream out for 10-seconds when your friend or relative's name is announced, and I mean you with that obnoxious air horn.  How about a little class and decorum so the rest of us can enjoy the other students and the show.

Yet another bowling alley is going away, this time in Kalihi, and this passing of an era is yet one more reminder that things are never going to be the same in some of these neighborhoods. Let's hope the remaining alleys are busy enough with displaced and regular bowlers to sustain the necessary volume of business required to keep this pastime alive on Oahu.

And finally, how long can three local airlines lose money and charge $9 or $19 for plane tickets? Who's macho ego is being assuaged by playing this game of airplane roulette?  Enjoy the ride while you can, because I think we all know the inevitable outcome to this air show.  Think About It.