Hawaii Celebrates the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

Kenneth Makuakane
Kenneth Makuakane

(KHNL) - Hawaii's biggest night of music is just a week from Wednesday. The "Na Hoku Hanohano Awards" is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Here to give us a preview, is awards Co-chair, Kenneth Makuakane.

ANGELA: 30 years, that's a long time.

KENNETH: 30, it's a heck of a long time.

ANGELA: What does the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts have planned for the big 30th?

KENNETH: Well for the 30th, we normally have all the nominees and the ones with the largest amounts of nominations perform for us at the Hoku.  This year, we're going to bring back some of our old favorites along with some of the nominees for this year's event so we're pretty excited about just having a wide range of entertainment.

ANGELA: Is there any particular theme other then the 30th that we can look forward to?

KENNETH: Well obviously, the greatest theme that we're putting together is a tribute to Don Ho.  There are surprises so we don't want to say until it comes up on TV.  One of the tributes will be done by Marlene Sai, she's the current president of HARA, Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts.  She will be explaining a lot of things and all the things that she's implemented and effected in the islands so there'll be a great thing for us to give a tribute to.

ANGELA: Well definitely we'll look forward to Don Ho.  Now so many new nominees this year is that true?

KENNETH: There's a whole bunch of new things coming up and new people coming up and that's always gonna happen and that's the greatest part about the music industry as well as any other type of industry, is we always have our staple of great musicians and because they're mentors, that takes turns so new artists come around along with a lot of new names coming up.  It expands HARA, it expands the Hoku Awards and it makes people excited about looking at new faces and wondering who's going to be the next greatest.

ANGELA: It sounds like it's going to be a very incredible night and don't forget the 30th annual Na Hoku Hanohano Awards Is Wednesday, June 20th at the Hawaii Convention Center. The gala event, including dinner, starts at five o'clock. Our sister station, K5, will broadcast the awards beginning at 7:30 pm.