Hero Shares Story of Survival

Blake Harrison
Blake Harrison

HONOLULU (KHNL)- A humble hero is out of the hospital, and shares his story of the dramatic rescue that played out in Oahu's polluted waters.

21-year-old Blake Harrison is one of the four good samaritans, who saved a man from dying in the Ala Wai Canal last Saturday.

Amazingly, it's his fourth run-in with danger.

Four years ago, he was beaten to near-death.

He's a Virginia Tech student, and was there for two separate shootings on campus this past school year.

Blake was on the phone with his friend who escaped the shooting spree that claimed the lives of 32 students back in April.

"You can hear gunshots in the background and stuff it was a really scary situation. I was afraid for my friends," he says.

Blake came to Hawaii for the summer to getaway.

Less than three months later, he finds himself in the face of danger once again, this time risking his life to save a man trapped in a sinking truck at the Ala Wai.

"I'm feeling around, I'm really scared it's been a long time underwater you know, I don't know if there's a baby. I don't know if there's a spouse or how many passengers. We don't really know anything. All we know is - clock's ticking," he says.

The four beat that clock and got the man breathing again.

Blake was the only one taken to the hospital.

He suffered cuts plus 50 jellyfish stings.

"It was the worst thing," he says.

Blake says his inspiration to save a life came from his brush with death.

In high school, someone kicked blake in the head.

Two fellow students came to his rescue.

"They came over, secured my neck and actually pulled my tongue out of my throat. I was a gonner for sure," he says.

But blake survived.

Four crisis, in four years, and through it all, blake has come out a hero.

But Blake doesn't consider himself a hero. He says others have saved his life and this was just his way of giving back.

He also says the credit isn't his alone, that he and three others worked as a team to bring a man to back to life.