Some Air Travelers Aren't Buying New Airfare Promotion

Rose Mendoza
Rose Mendoza

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Go! Airline shakes up the travel industry with a one dollar airfare promotion. But it hasn't gone as smoothly as expected, and some aren't buying.

Soon after Go! announced its latest promotion Monday morning, bargain hunters bombarded the company's web site. But some air travelers say they're looking for more than cheap deals.

Go! Airline's one dollar promotion was too good for many to pass up. So good in fact, eager air travelers overloaded and crashed the web site. It was back up by three o'clock, but some say they want more from an airline.

"We've always chosen Aloha because of the staff, the service," said Rose Mendoza, a Pearl City resident who has flown on Aloha Airline since middle school. "They have the aloha spirit. That's the main thing: the aloha spirit."

She said that intangible "aloha spirit" can't be easily duplicated by a mainland company.

And over at Hawaiian Airlines, these air travelers agree, saying they're looking for more than just rock bottom prices.

Cynthia Charles said she's willing to pay a bit more for comfort, especially when traveling with two young daughters.

"There's more legroom, honestly," she said. "There's some airlines out there that want to squash you into very small seats but Hawaiian Air has a more comfortable plane."

Beyond comfort, Charles said she turns to Hawaiian for their service.

"Also they're very helpful with making any adjustments that you might need or helping people walk through a lot of the technical issues, everything, so popular these days on line," she said.

So, bargain deals may catch some people's eyes, but not these air travelers'.

"You know obviously we all work hard for our dollar so it's important to save that dollar, but there's an extent where I'm willing to pay a few extra dollars to have better service," said Charles.

They say, in some cases, the old adage "you get what you pay for" applies.

Go!'s one dollar promotion was good until midnight Monday. Neither Hawaiian nor Aloha matched it. Hawaiian would not comment, but Aloha said Go!'s latest promotion is a "desperate act by a desperate airline." So, the airfare war continues.