Ladies Donate Quilts to Wounded Marines

Janet Yokoe
Janet Yokoe

KANEOHE (KHNL) - It's a unique way to support marines stationed at Kaneohe.

Local residents have made Hawaiian quilts for some who are injured.

"It's really wonderful that we can share our quilts with them," said Janet Yokoe, quilter.

They spent several days working on the quilts, taking very few breaks. The ladies made these quilts, hoping to help comfort these men, who are all healing from injuries.

"We were walking along doing a patrol, an IED sweep, they detonated an IED next to me and my other buddy," said Lance Corporal Ryan Irving.

Irving was wounded six months ago. His leg is still healing. Receiving this gift reminds him how much he's appreciated.

"It's got a homey touch to it, I don't know, it's just a nice thing," he said.

"They're out there risking our lives for us, that's the least we can do, is to make them something nice," said Yokoe.

Gayle Goodman, the wife of a commanding general, came up with this idea.

"So when I came here a month ago and saw what we had established here, the one thing that I noted was missing in the rooms was that feeling of warmth, that feeling of compassion," she said.

Goodman hoped for 15 quilts, but received 38 instead. That includes 8 from people living on the Mainland.

This groups say the quilts symbolize the support and gratitude they feel. They also say it represents a piece of aloha that these marines will have with them wherever they go.