Local Entrepreneur Launches New Book

(KHNL) - A local entrepeneur and community leader is launching her new inspirational book, "Million Dollar Attitude." What makes this event so special is it will be on a luxury 3-hour dinner cruise on Independence Day. Author Joni B. Redick-Yundt is here to give us a preview.

JONI: Good morning.

ANGELA: You already have a pre-copy of the book.

JONI: Yes, I do.

ANGELA: What is the thought between Million Dollar Attitude?

JONI: Well Angela, I believe that attitude measures your attitude.  So when you look good, you feel good, your attitude just makes a difference.  So I feel, especially for women, we wear so many hats that I think we should have a really great million dollar attitude.  We can tackle anything, any adversities or challenges that come our way.  We can do really anything that we can do.

ANGELA: And this inspires so many people.  What kinds of things do you help people within your book to inspire them?

JONI: Because of my humble beginning, coming from the Philippines, they have no electricity, no running water, I come to the United States and took advantage of having so much opportunities out here and as long as you are willing to work hard, you're committed, you're dedicated and have some discipline, be able to learn the things I went through and again always challenges that come through life but we have to embrace them, learn from it, and I feel that I have a lot of things to share, at chapter 12 in here, be able to share a lot of things that we experience every day.

ANGELA: Some of the proceeds from this book actually go to a very good cause, tell me a little bit about that.

JONI: Again because of the humble beginning and the things I was not able to do or didn't have the opportunity to experience a lot of stuff from the Philippines and coming here at a young age, I feel that women need and which I'm very passionate about, to be able to help women for self development and self improvement and again it makes a difference when you feel good about yourself, you can contribute more to the community and be able to set a good example and mentor other women like how Mary Kay did for me.

ANGELA: Tell me a little bit about the launches, it's going to be very special, under the fireworks and the sky and a luxury cruise, tell me a little bit about the reasoning behind that launch.

JONI: Well Angela, when my editor which is Dr. Richard Sheldon encouraged me to write a book, he said "Joni, when are we going to launch a book?" And I thought well, my birthday's coming up and July 4th is my birthday, I thought I don't have to order fireworks, it's going to be already there.  And I thought something different, to be able to do it this year, there are going to be a lot of business owners going to be there because also with the book, it will help the employees they're going to school because I feel at school they do not teach the right attitude, (laughs) and also when I go to a lot of business owners, I do a lot of community services and asking for sponsorship and sometimes  they say "Joni, I wish I have employees like you."   So now I can tell you, buy the book for the employees.

ANGELA: And you work with several charities that you love to give back to.  Tell me a little bit about that.

JONI: Yeah, I've been with American Heart Association, Hawaii's Cancer Coalition, Hawaii's State Sheriff, Child Abuse Prevention.

ANGELA: You are so inspirational, you're like the energizer bunny, you never stop, you just keep on going, and I love that, I love that.

JONI: Thank you.

ANGELA: Joni B. Redick-Yundt's "Million Dollar Attitude" book launch aboard the "Atlantis Navatek One" cruise ship on Wednesday, Yuly 4th. Boarding at Pier 6 begins at 5:15 pm. The ship sails at 6:15.