Aala Park Stabbing Suspect Arrested

Paul Nagata
Paul Nagata
John Kitin
John Kitin

(KHNL) - An argument between two men turns violent and leaves one man in critical condition.The stabbing shatters a quiet Sunday afternoon in Aala park.

The two men got into the confrontation near the basketball court. And the suspect was arrested just three blocks away on Aala Street.

Police quickly taped off the scene and started talking to witnesses.

Detective Paul Nagata explains, "About three thirty this afternoon two men were involved in a verbal dispute that escalated and resulted with one man being stabbed in the chest. This victim was transferred to the hospital in critical condition."

John Kitin says his friend who goes by the name Benti was the victim in this case, "We just sat over there and the black guy made trouble with Benti. He stabbed Benti with the knife."

An hour later and three blocks away, investigators say a patrol officer spots the homeless man fitting the description given by the witnesses.

Detective Nagata adds, "The officers have pretty good knowledge of the area so they did a pretty good job."

They detain him and perform a lineup along Aala Street at the H-1 Freeway overpass. Witness John Kitin says he identified the suspect from the back of a police car.

"Yeah I feel so happy but I miss my friend, I don't like him get hurt."

Forensic specialists collect evidence from the suspect. He suffered an injury to his arm.

Afterwards he's loaded into a police car and taken to the cellblock.

Detective Nagata hints they got another break in the case, "We recovered what we believe is a possible weapon that may have been used in this case."

John Kitin and his friends say they are going to the hospital to check on their friend.