Murdered North Shore Man Laid to Rest

Family and friends say their farewells to a 30-year old man, murdered in front of his North Shore home.

Dillon Ching died three weeks ago after an argument turned deadly. But instead of remembering the violent end to his life, Ching is remembered Sunday for the number of lives he touched, and impact he made of so many people.

Everything that Dillon Ching loves -- family, friends, and dirt biking -- surrounds him. Hundreds come out to say goodbye before he is laid to rest.

"Dillon was suddenly taken away from us," said Rep. Marcus Oshiro, a family friend. "He was only 30 years old."

On May 19th, Ching was gunned down in front of his home in Pupukea while trying to break up a fight between his family members and another group.

The messages, the hugs, and the tears at his memorial service show just how much he's missed.

"Dillon was always helping people to do better and to be better friends," said Oshiro. "He made a difference in so many lives."

What hurts the most, is the fact that Ching was just 30-years old.

"For the age that is honorable, comes not with the passing of time, nor can it be measured in terms of years," said aunt Marlene Diego, as she read a verse from the Book of Wisdom. "Rather understanding is a horry crown for men, and an unsunnied life, an attainment for old age."

Loved ones say even though Ching is gone, what can't be taken away is the good times, the memories, and the love. The love of his tight knit family and friends. The love of his wife Desiree. And the love of his two-year old son Isaiah.

"An abundant life that is meaningfully lived, is no less treasured than a long life without much living," said Oshiro.

Family and friends say Ching would want them to remember all good times they had together, and use that to give them the courage and strength to move on in their own lives.