Four Men Jump into Ala Wai to Save Truck Driver

Rueben Silva
Rueben Silva
Eddie Weight
Eddie Weight
Jim Wirdgren
Jim Wirdgren

Four good samaritans jump into the Ala Wai to save a man trapped in a truck on the bottom of the canal.

The driver of that truck is now in critical condition, but some feel he would have died, if it wasn't for the quick action from the four men.

The men say they didn't even think twice about jumping into the water, even if was the Ala Wai Canal. They just hope their efforts aren't in vein.

The truck's white roof is all you can see through the brackish water of the Ala Wai. It happened about 10:15 Saturday morning.

"I was sitting at poolside when I heard a loud bang and looked up quicky enough to see the pickup truck go over the berm and into the water," said Jim Widgren, one of the four samaritans.

The truck strikes the back end of a BMW, and the passenger side of a van before going underwater. With total disregard for their own safety, four men try to help.

"Just jump right in," said Reuben Silva, another samaritan. "Try to pull the guy out. couldn't get him out. so flipped the truck over."

They cut the seat belt, and get the victim on the roof.

"He did a couple of pumps on his chest, and I gave him two breaths and he came to, coughing it up real quick," said Eddie Weight, another samaritan.

"Without somebody going in right away, he was going to die for sure," said Widgren, "He was under water for 3,4 minutes, before we got him up to the air."

Paramedics take the victim, and one of the good samaritans to the hospital for a few cuts. All four men suffer stings from jellyfish.

"Felt like I took an acid bath," said Widgren. "Stings like crazy. So as soon that I saw it was under control, I ran up and took a good shower."

"It took everybody's effort, and we all work together," said Silva. "Hopefully , we save the guy."

It's not known what caused the truck to go into the water. Emergency officials say in any kind of incident like this, the people at the scene are going to make a big difference.