Local Experts Discuss Global Warming Effects

Mike Hamnett
Mike Hamnett

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Imagine parts of Honolulu underwater.

Experts say that's how global warming could change Hawaii.

That was part of the discussion during an all-day meeting sponsored by Hawaiian Electric Co.

"We just use much to much energy," said Mike Hamnett with the UH Research Corporation.

They say that needs to stop now. Otherwise, we'll continue to pay more for energy and harm the environment.

"We've gotta really kind of pull the stops out and figure out what we can do now and we're probably going to pay more now in order to prevent things from getting worse than they will," said Hamnett.

Officials from the state, HECO and the University of Hawaii gathered at the State Capitol. They discussed the environmental, social and economic effects of global warming on the islands.

"Well we're probably going to see an increase in droughts and hurricanes as a result of global warming," said Hamnett.

Experts say we need to look more towards renewable energy and energy efficiency. And it's not just about cutting back. They say we should take advantage of Hawaii's weather. And ensure money accumulated by greenhouse gas regulation remains here.

"If you're going to take it out of people's pocketbooks out of this economy, you put it back into this economy. we simply can't afford to keep exporting dollars overseas," said Robbie Alm, senior vice president of HECO.

Experts say if we don't make these changes now, this paradise will definitely look different in the future.