Warm Reception For Mainland Retailers

Juliana Ugaya
Juliana Ugaya
Pat Fugere
Pat Fugere
Kamakaoi Kaahanui
Kamakaoi Kaahanui

(KHNL) - America's second largest discount retailer wants to bring it's trademark "red target" to another Oahu site. A second store is slated for Salt Lake. Many local shoppers we talked with have found bargains at these stores on the mainland and they are setting their sights on the new location closer to town.

Shopper Juliana Ugaya says, "Target, Oh I miss Target. I love Target. I just came back from California and I spent most of my time at Target there."

There has been excitement ever since word this abandoned Costco in Salt Lake will be transformed into Oahu's second Target.

Ugaya says she likes to shop for "Clothes and shoes and electronics and things to decorate your house, even milk. You can buy everything at Target it's awesome."

Bargain hunter Pat Fugere says, "Two Targets, great, can't wait. I've been to Target stores on the mainland they are terrific, can't wait for them to come. It's everything, I've gotten home furnishings, clothing, bed and bath stuff just everything everybody needs."

Brittany Maae is looking forward to deals for her daughter, "Hopefully at Target the prices will be lower and I can buy new stuff more often for her."

This former Tower Records store will be home to another mainland retailer, Walgreens.

Fugere explains, "I'm very familiar with Walgreens and they are gonna have to come a long way to match Longs I think."

Long awaited Whole Foods is eyeing two locations including this spot at Ward Village.

Ugaya shopped at Whole Foods on the mainland, "It was a really good experience, really nice store to buy groceries, I had a great experience there."

Shoppers like Ugaya rave about the fresh quality, "Last time I bought some grapes and some orange juice and it was really good and the best meat to buy in California is Whole Foods."

Reporter Beth Hillyer explains, Most people we talked to say they are excited about all the new stores coming to town like Whole Foods who will occupy this area. Others say they do not welcome the expansion."

Kamakaoi Kaahanui is opposed to development, "Seeing a lot of this stuff going on, this construction, more of these mainland companies coming down here it's a downfall for Hawaii just to see it all these buildings being built more stuff happening to our aina not good way for us. "

Target and other mainland retailers are looking into opportunities on the outer islands as well.