State Offers Flu Shots to School Children

Pat Hamamoto
Pat Hamamoto

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Department of Health is teaming up with the Department of Education to keep our kids health in "tip top shape."

The state is offering seasonal flu vaccines to all of Hawaii's school children from ages five through 13 for free during school hours. Students will have a choice between a quick injection to the arm, or a "not as painful" nasal spray they can quickly inhale.  Officials say, countless school and work absences can be prevented with a flu vaccination.

"When one child gets sick, the entire class of 20 or more will get sick. So we're looking at a chance at keeping the kids healthy and have them in school more often. And also the administrators and teachers get to stay healthy, so it really makes a win win for everyone," said Pat Hamamoto, Department of Education.

The state says the new flu vaccination program can make vaccinating children fast and easy for thousands of Hawaii families.