HPD Warns Public About Phony Traffic Stops

Captain Frank Fujii
Captain Frank Fujii
Angela Haugo
Angela Haugo

(KHNL) - There are ways to double check if you're being pulled over by a real police officer. Honolulu Police want you to know them, after a man pretending to be an officer recently pulled over a woman.

"Anytime we have someone out there impersonating a police officer, raises concern for us," said Capt. Frank Fujii, of the Honolulu Police Department. "It alarms the community, and that person does pose a threat, just by the fact that somebody did stop."
Police say the man pretended to be an officer, and pulled a woman over on Piikoi Street last month. They say he wasn't in a uniform, but used a loudspeaker and a blue light on his dashboard.
"You just have to be on your guard," said Angela Haugo. "It sounds like this lady did the right thing. She asked for ID, and knew what was happening."
"To be honest, I've been busy and haven't heard the news, but yeah that would scare me," said another woman driver.
Police say all non-patrol cars will either have the old strobe light, or new LED. During a stop, the officer will flash the light, and use the siren. And they'll always be in uniform.
But if you're still not sure, you can call 911.
"The police officer will be in contact with our dispatcher where the stop is being made, and the description of the vehicle, and things of that nature," said Fujii.
"I think after this, we're all probably paying attention," said Haugo.
Police also say you can just roll your window down enough to pass your license to the officer.
They say the suspect in that fake stop has not been arrested.
If you have any information, you're asked to call crimestoppers.