Neighbors Chase, Capture Burglary Suspect

David Young
David Young
Alice Cheong
Alice Cheong
Dennis Blank
Dennis Blank

KAPAHULU (KHNL) -- A burglary suspect may have learned a tough lesson. Don't mess around with the folks on Herbert Street in Kapahulu.

Alice Cheong has a security set-up that keeps criminals from breaking into her Kapahulu home.

"Thank goodness, we have two mean dogs," she said. "I think they kind of watch."

But her neighbor across the street wasn't so lucky Monday night. A burglar struck while she was out.

"We came home about 10 something," Cheong said. "And then we saw police around and said, 'Oh, what's going on here?'"

Witnesses say 47-year-old David Young broke into the house and stole some jewelry.

Wrong neighborhood.

"My husband went to talk to the policemen," Cheong said. "And then he said, oh, somebody was trying to break in, but the neighbor, you know, the neighbors chase him."

Two neighbors, including a former college wrestling standout, run after the intruder. They cover a couple of blocks before tackling the suspect in a driveway on Castle Street. The Good Samaritans hold him down until police arrive.

"They had a man on the ground, and he was handcuffed," Dennis Blank, witness, said. "Found out later that he had burglarized the place couple blocks up the street and was chased down here by some neighbors, which is kind of cool."

Records show Young has nine prior burglary convictions.

"I think it was really nice of them to help out," Cheong said.

"It's helpful, I think," Blank said. "You just have to be careful and know what you're doing."

Young is being held at the main police cellblock. He hasn't been charged.