Crews Clear Remaining Cylinders From Waiau Center

Liz Galvez
Liz Galvez

WAIAU (KHNL) - Crews cleared out the five remaining cylinders from the Waiau Center, they believed could be potentially dangerous.

The cyclinders were filled with carbon monoxide.

Eleven of them did not explode in a fire at the Waiau Center last week.

Beginning Monday, one by one, the cyclinders were pierced as a precautionary measure.

Crews stopped the traffic on Kamehameha Highway before each one was punctured.

"Carbon Monoxide can be flammable and it also does explode, So we decided to take the proper precautions in order to protect the public and the environment," said Liz Galvez, Department of Health.

Businesses in the Waiau Center had to be closed again. The final cyclinder was cleared just after 1 PM Tuesday.

The investigation into the fire is still on going.