"Speed" Showcased In Honolulu

Hi'ilani Shibata
Hi'ilani Shibata
Seyj Engleman
Seyj Engleman

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An exciting new exhibit makes its way to Honolulu. "SPEED" promises learning and fun for the whole family.

It's only been open a few days, and already it's the most popular exhibit they've seen in a while.

"Because it's so fun, and you get so enchanted by all the games and so that it just makes learning fun," said Hi'ilani Shibata, Bishop Museum Education Operations Manager.

It's so much fun; it's easy to forget you're at a museum, and not an arcade. But, that's why learning comes naturally here.

"Reading and writing, they do that in school. So when they come to the museum, it's really nice for them to learn from it."

"Its like an arcade because there's like tons of games, and it's awesome," said 3rd grade student Seyj Engleman.

From drag racing, to skiing the slopes -- all the exhibits bring principles of science, math, and speed together in a very exciting way. And, it's not just kids having all the fun.

"The other day, actually one of the parents got mad at me because I cut in front of her child, but it was ok," laughed Shibata.

The Bishop Museum plans to bring more interactive exhibits like this, in the months to come. The new "SPEED" interactive exhibit is open to the public right now, at the Bishop Museum.

The exhibit is open daily from 9 a-m to 5 p-m, through September 3rd.