New Women Sport Making a Name at U. H. Campus

Novelle Murray
Novelle Murray

MANOA (KHNL) - It's a relatively new sport on the U.H. Campus, but it's quickly making a name for itself.

It's women's track and field and, two of the best the U.H. have to offer, are off to the NCAA championships this week in Sacramento, California.

That's where Novelle Murray will be looking to throw out the competition.

For her, there's no better stress reliever in the world, then hurling a discus.

"It's great, you can let your frustrations out, you can throw as hard as you want, as fast as you want, its good."

Thanks to that determination, Murray's developed into one of the top discus throwers in the nation.

At this week's NCAA championship, she'll attempt to become only the 2nd U.H. athlete to ever win a national title in track in field.

"Well, you know it has crossed my mind (winning a national title) but I'm trying not to focus on it too much right now. I think once we get to Sacramento and start to realize this is happening then you know, there's going to be exciting butterflies, I'm excited."

That's not a bad attitude for some one that just picked up the sport only a few years ago.

"I actually come from a sprinting background and I thought that was my direction, but as I got older and my body changed it became apparent I'm a thrower, not a sprinter. I did well in high school and when I came here that was something that I did want to pursue but I didn't realize it was going to go this far."

Up next for Novelle, a potential shot at the 2008 Summer Olympics with team Jamaica, using potential that could take her a lot farther than one of her throws.

"And when you hit that perfect one and it just flies, its perfect!"

Annette Wichman is also headed to the NCAA's out of the U.H. This will be her second go around, as she participates in the hepthalon.