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Traffic, Businesses Slow Down in Pearl City

Jayna Alameda-Oberero Jayna Alameda-Oberero
Ron Krukowski Ron Krukowski
These cylinders exploded in a May 29 fire These cylinders exploded in a May 29 fire

By Stephen Florino

PEARL CITY (KHNL) - A potentially explosive situation causes stop-and-go traffic in Pearl City throughout the day. But officials say thankfully, work crews didn't experience any problems.

But it did cause problems for drivers and businesses in the area.

"I wanna go home," said Jayna Alameda-Oberero. "It's hot. And what's going on?"

The closure is done as a precautionary measure. Work crews need to pierce 11 cylinders filled with carbon monoxide that didn't explode in last week's fire. Because of the potential danger, police block traffic every 45-minutes or so.

"They should've put a sign or something so we could've went the other way," said Alameda-Oberero.

"It shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience," said Ron Krukowski. "If they gotta do it, they gotta do it."

It is an inconvenience for nearby businesses. The entire Waiau Center is closed for part of the day. And stores like Easy Music Center, which just opened its new location two months ago, is struggling to get the attention of people passing by.

"This main street is our lifeline basically," said assistant manager Billy Reichling. "There's no other way to get here unless somebody swims here from the back, and I don't think that's gonna happen."

Work is safety first. Cecause boom means two very different things for businesses, and these work crews.

Crews manage to empty six cylinders Monday. But that means they'll be back to finish the other five Tuesday.

So, drivers and businesses can expect more slow downs.

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